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A symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, luck and victory. No other tree has been praised, worshiped, painted, sung as the olive tree, in many cultures and traditions.
Since the ancient years, it has been linked with healing and longevity properties, till nowadays, where the consumption of olive products has been proved to lead to a healthier lifestyle , longevity and reduced morbidity rate.

Olive tree is expected to live for a thousand years. In tradition, when a child is born an olive tree is planted. The tree and the child will grow together. And it will continue to grow with the family for all the coming generations.
Share the gift of immortality.

Make your own synthesis with mini/bonzai plants 
Olive or Citrus

Choose a mini plant for gifts, decorations and special occasions. 
Plant in a vase.

Decorate your space, office, home or workplace.

Plant in a bottle. 

Ideal gift for everyone.

Plant in a box. 

Make a special gift to your loved ones.

Plant in any case.

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