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High quality products ensurance. 
We produce plants for three decades and our criteria for the varieties’ selection are the quality characteristics of the products that the current market requires, and their adaptability to different microclimates. We are strongly committed to the creation of healthy and productive plant propagating material. 
At the same time, via research we continuously enrich our production with new varieties and products.


Creating modern contemporary orchards, demands research and design, which is mostly based on the selection of suitable plant material, in which the development and the future of the tree cultivation is depended on.

Every cultivator should initially determine the species and the purpose of the cultivation, he should apply new modern cultivation methods, he should carefully select the propagating material he will use, which must meet the appropriate phytosanitary requirements, which determines the quality of the final end product. 

Consulting Services

We can share a complete study of your cultivation, from the first stages of cultivation, until the trees reach foul productivity, through a team of scientists and experts, specialized for every part of agriculture.


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